Louisiana Squirrel hunting!
Oct. 4 - Feb. 8
8 limit

16 possession

$130.00 per person unguided. $150.00 per person guided. Grays & Fox Squirrels.

www.AmericanSportsmanResort.com Charlie LeDoux 13530 N. Frontage Rd. Welsh, Louisiana 70591

(337)515-HUNT field phone or toll free 1(866)258-HUNT(4868) E-Mail: Hunt@AmericanSportsmanResort.com   

All Prices are per individual, but I will be happy to design a package for you or your group!

Open to the public for Dog Training, Lodging, Hunting, Fishing and Relaxation!

From Small Game Hunting like

$150.00 guided or unguided tour $130.00 what's your game? Choose one for the money, members pay only $100.00  Rabbit Hunt, Squirrel Hunt, Non-Trophy Deer Hunt, Non-Trophy Hog Hunt, Coyote Hunt, Mallard Hunt, Teal Hunt, Big Duck Hunt, Dove Hunt, Quail Hunt, Pheasant Hunt, Chukar Hunt, Snipe Hunt or Woodcock Hunt.

To Big Game Hunting like STARING IN SEPTEMBER one month only! Guaranteed Louisiana Trophy Alligator  Hunting$3000.00 includes: morning Gator Hunt, Trophy Gator three days lodging, all meals with afternoon activities like Wild Hog, Teal Duck or Dove hunts. or Non Trophy Gator Hunting $1500.00 Allows you one nine foot gator or smaller.  NON HUNTERS$500.00  One month only "September", limited availability! includes: morning Gator Hunt, lodging, all meals with afternoon activity like Teal Duck or Dove hunt.

  Sept.6-14, Oct.4-Nov.23, Dec.20-Jan.5 ANNUAL DOVE HUNT Dove Hunt $75.00 or GROUP DOVE HUNTING $50.00 with 10 persons or more or Bird boy / girl $100.00 will include person to retrieve and pluck your birds. Opening weekends 12:00 noon till sunset all other days 30 minutes before day light -Sunset.

SEPTEMBER 13-28 GUIDED TEAL HUNT  $120.00 GUIDE, DECOYS, BLIND/ HUNTING GROUND or $75.00 UNGUIDED no minimum. This is one of Charlie's  favorite hunts always plenty of great shooting mostly blue wing teal, but some cinnamon teal and green wing teal as well!

Youth Hunt Nov. 1-2   Regular Season Nov. 8-30 Dec.13-Jan.18 & Pintails Nov. 8-30 Dec. 13-19 Charlie's Guaranteed 6 Duck Limit  $224.00 Includes:  Guided Migratory Duck Hunt no bad days. Short on a legal limit, Charlie will allow you and everyone else whom pays for the Guaranteed Limit to  travel from  the migratory blind to Mallard Hole in our Licensed Preserve. Your guide will help you to the time of your LIFE either way! Up to 6 birds plucked and placed in your ice chest with this package. All extra birds $22.00. 

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Oct. 1-April 30 $25.00 grounds fee Any size group! Drive in Waterfowl Hunts / Simi Guided Mallard Hunt Charlie LeDoux's Famous Mallard Hole  with No-Bag Limit  take mallards home plucked @ $22.00 each or $18.00 each you clean *Mallard Duck $18.00 *Quail $7.00  

*Chukar $12.00 *Pheasant $16.00  

 Regular Season Guided Migratory Duck Hunt$150.00    

Nov.1-30, Dec.13-Feb.6 *Guided Speckle Belly Goose Hunt$200.00 

*Guided Light Goose Hunt$200.00     

*No-Limit Dec.1-12, Feb.7-March7 Guided Light Goose Hunt$225.00

*Unguided Duck or *Goose Hunt$130.00 we supply field only! Easily accessed flooded agricultural fields in South West Louisiana ...Welsh!

Oct. 1 thru April 30 Licensed Hunting Preserve  $25.00 grounds fee applies to Upland Fields, Smokin' Gun Course, Mallard Hole, Continental Tower Shoots and non-hunters, you may use your own dog, aggressive dogs or uncontrolled dogs must be keep on leashes unless other wise specified. (once you pay you can shoot all day). "No Daily Bag Limit" and Priced per bird with no minimum lady's and gentlemen imagine yourself walking the path, shotgun in hand, muscles tense, and heart pounding waiting for that bird to flush at any second. This feeling is what has hunters driving or flying countless miles to experience. We at America Sportsman Resort have developed a course that will give the hunter up to sixteen locations where the bird or birds will flush automatically as you approach, just as they would in open field. The doubles course will give each shooter eight shots, eight left and eight right opportunities. Great for fun and great for shooter competition as well a Great Dog Training Facility so bring your dog. Smokin'Gun Courses will give a hunter choices of Mallards, Pheasant, Quail, or Chukar. What is unique about the course is that we can guarantee the hunters, the number of shots they request. We also do traditional open field hunts with dogs and handlers available for you and your friends. Our location in Southwest Louisiana on Interstate 10 makes it easy to find 21 miles east of Lake Charles Air Park and one mile west of Welsh north side of I-10.  You must have a Lab, Pointer or Flushing dog for these hunts. If you don't have a dog we will furnish dog and handler at no additional charge (Gratuity is acceptable)!  

*Mallard Duck $18.00 * Quail $7.00 * Chukar $12.00 * Pheasant $16.00 

Kansas Trophy Whitetail Hunting $7,000.00 1-2 persons...two buck tags available now! 

Call Charlie ASAP toll free 1(866)258-4868 

2003 Gun Season Unit 12 on private land with lodge, fishing, Great Hunting.

Alabama Deer Hunting  $1200.00 in the Black Belt region on private land with lodge, fishing, Great Hunting.

Oklahoma Trophy Whitetail Hunting $2350.00 Gun Season Area 2 Kay County on private land with lodge.

Archery Sept.13-Jan.15 Still Hunt Oct.11-Nov.30, Dec.6-Dec31 Louisiana Deer Hunting  $900.00 Area 3 DMAP and private land, some areas have wild hog.  

Drive in Louisiana Deer Hunting $150.00 Drive in morning /or evening deer hunt, stand and opportunity to harvest deer, Only one person he or she may hunt all day! If successful a kill fee will be applied at $200.00 for doe's - 4 point Deer and all Deer over 4 points will be an additional $50.00 per point!

Whitetail Deer Hunting with Bow, Black Powder, Rifle, we prefer to book groups of  four with a three day minimum, but will book less at an additional cost per day call for more info and availability! Our Kansas and Oklahoma hunts are four days and four nights. Alabama and Louisiana hunts are three days and three nights! All  are semi-guided  and  priced for gun hunts, Bow Hunters receive a 10% discount off Gun price. (non hunters welcome at $500.00 each) All include: Lodging, Meals, License and game processing, quartered and placed in your ice chest. Each person  allowed one Trophy Buck 4 points showing on one side or better and 1 doe. (If less than 4 points on one side you will be fined $250.00)

Guaranteed Whitetail Deer Hunts, Guaranteed Trophy Whitetail Deer Prices Start at $1500.00!  We can place you in game fence area for some outstanding Whitetail Bucks, Bull Elk, Axis Bucks and more...  call for information. Pin raised Deer Hunts, Rams, Sheep, Exotic Game Hunts, Native game and all other African hoof stock call for prices and availability!

Year Round Trophy Hunting Wild Boar Hogs $1000.00 with top hog dogs of  South West Louisiana and South East Texas and . (Its truly a hair raising experience, book a dog hunt today and make a memory for a lifetime!Avec Moi (with me) "Cajun Charlie LeDoux" "Hog Dogs"

Drive in Wild Hog Boar Hunting $150.00  Includes; Up to 100# on hoof non trophy type hog.  Add on /Extra: Any pig over 100 pounds add a $1.50 per pound after the first 100 pounds and $100.00 for every inch out of the gum line on shortest tusk. (not include wetter teeth!)

Handicap accessible Hunting and Lodging!866-258-HUNT4868 Great Entertainment for clients, friends and family.

(Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include gratuities were any assistance is needed).

Smokin' Gun Club Memberships Starting at $1000.00 Season Hunting Packages *Waterfowl* - *Upland Game* - *Small Game* - *Big Game*  You pick dates you wish when you join or call in advance for blinds or fields. Average cost base $100.00  per person on all season members unguided hunts. Allows up to ten hunts with this package one personalized hat and shirt. You may bring family, friends, customers or use them all your self! Please buy only what you wish to use in a season. Hunts do not carry over to next season (no exceptions). Smokin' Gun Members Save $30.00 off regular price of $130.00 unguidedWildlife Includes:*Duck *Goose *Deer *Hog *Dove *Quail *Pheasant *Chukar *Woodcock *Rabbit *Squirrel *Snipe or *Varmint  with no trophy fees! (Daily limits only) Hunt DMAP areas and private land with stands for still hunters or you may stalk in reserved stalking areas Managed game and controlled hunting in our preserveBlinds are grassed and Decoys set for Ducks or Geese letting each blind rest at least one day between hunts makes great hunting even better. sample: $3,000.00 Membership receive 30 hunts and 3 free hats and shirts all personalize! 

Louisiana Inland Waters and Gulf of Mexico Fishing $100.00 catch and release at any of our facilities, unless you are a overnight guest then its free. All other Fishing Trips include: Boat, Gas, Guide, Tackle and Ice.

*Deep Sea Fishing GULF of MEXICO 1 -6 $1200.00   30-60 miles out of Cameron. *Inland Waters Fishing $470.00 1-3


Full Service Lodging on Interstate 10 Located at 13530 N. Frontage Rd. Welsh Louisiana : includes all meals $100.00 or with one meal $70.00 or no meal $50.00. We have Newly built Southern Traditional Acadian Built Cabins, all are 14 x 24 with cathedral ceilings, six foot porches and adjoining board-walks, each cabin has a private bed room private bath room and a twin bed room with TV, coffee maker, ice box and micro wave oven. Our main house is Acadian Style with cathedral ceiling, kitchen, dinning/ Grand Room!

*Game Cleaning each ...*Goose $3.00or$5.50plucked *Duck $2.25or$4.00plucked *Pheasant $1.25or$2.75plucked *Quail *Dove *Snipe *Woodcock *Chukar $.1.00or$1.50 plucked *Rabbit$3.00     *Squirrel$2.50 *Deer *Elk *Exotic *Hog $50.00 Caped $75.00 *Alligator $75.00

If you are interested in any of the packages but you would like to change some of the species of game in a package, contact us for a quotation. If possible we will change packages that will suite the client.The price per package can be further reduced if it is more than four hunters in a group. Contact us for special prices on groups. (more than four hunter)....Call toll free 1 (866) 258 - HUNT (4868) Charlie LeDoux ....Book before August 15, 2002 and receive an aditional 20% discount on most 2002 - 2003 season hunts, call Charlie today for more information.....







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